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At Alpine Oral & Facial Surgery, we use 3D imaging technology with a Cone Beam CT scanner. This advanced technology enables Dr. Holtzen to provide accurate diagnoses, create personalized treatment plans, and achieve predictable surgical outcomes.

3D scans will be taken at your initial appointment. This non-invasive imaging technique captures detailed and comprehensive images of your head, neck, mouth, and face. These scans serve as a valuable tool for Dr. Holtzen to assess your oral health, identify any underlying conditions, and develop a customized treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Benefits of 3D Scanning

There are several benefits of 3D scans:

  1. High-quality, detailed 360° views
  2. Accurate surgical guide creation
  3. Minimized risk of surprises during surgery
  4. Reduced radiation exposure compared to traditional X-rays
  5. Quick and efficient process
  6. Easy sharing of digital images with your referring provider or other members of your care team

X-Guide®: Advanced Navigation System for Dental Implant Placement

At Alpine Oral & Facial Surgery, we are proud to offer the innovative X-Guide system for precise dental implant placement. This computer navigation system guides the implant procedure in real-time using a patient’s 3D imaging.

During your implant consultation, we will take a 3D scan of your jaw bone. This scan is then uploaded to the X-Guide system, where our team virtually plans the implant placement. On the day of surgery, the X-Guide system directs the implant drill to the exact location, angulation, and depth for optimal placement.

The X-Guide system provides numerous benefits for both patients and oral surgeons. By using this advanced technology, we can achieve greater accuracy and precision, resulting in improved surgical outcomes. The system also minimizes the risk of complications and ensures a more efficient and streamlined procedure.

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