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Meet Chloe

Video Review

Chloe felt really safe getting her wisdom teeth removed at our practice.

Chloe's Story

"Hi, I'm Chloe. I'm from Hamilton, and I came here to get my wisdom teeth extracted. The staff at Alpine Oral and Facial Surgery are all super nice and welcoming, and I felt really safe getting such an important procedure done. I talked to Dr. Holtzen with any questions I had, and he made it seamless and a lot easier for me. He did a really good job on my surgery, and I felt great after. It feels really nice to have a beautiful smile. My overall experience was really good. I'm glad that I had all these great people around me to help me out and make sure that I was okay. If you're looking to get your wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Holtzen is the person to do it."

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